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Keep the flame going for those we have lost to suicide. 

why has this not got any notes 

a middle school girl commited suicide here a few days ago..she was 14..

my followers know who this is for.

two of my close friends attempted multiple times

i attempted around this time last year. keep this going.

Today, personally, this is for Robin Williams.

But for today, and every day, it is for anybody who has ever lost anybody to suicide and anybody who has been lost themselves.

I know it probably doesn’t help, but I am so, so sorry.


Reblogging this twice and this should have way more notes

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how to tell if someone is really bisexual:

  • if a true bisexual utters their name backwards, it will send them back to their home dimension for a minimum of 90 days. 
  • fire type bisexuals will always be able to learn the move solarbeam, unless they are flareon. 
  • biologically, bisexuals are incapable of going down stairs.
  • some bisexuals are unable to cast a shadow, though this is currently up for debate
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urls are getting so fucking weird now… like what the fuck is a “communist bakery”

no idea… sounds like a really dumb blog

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The Horrifying Bat Flower

This flower is an incredibly unusual looking species, with its black bat-shaped flower. The flowers themselves can grown up to twelve inches across and the ‘whiskers’ that you can see are known to grow up to thirty inches. So why does it look like the Predator? Of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Because Mother Nature is just as likely to scare us as to entrance.

Altogether the bat flower is one of the spookier plants you will come across – something Morticia Adams might like to have in her conservatory. There is certainly something of the triffid about them too, but the fact is that the wild variety of this plant species can be found in the Yunnan Province of China. It is also found in Thailand and Burma.

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how much you wanna bet that was filler text that they completely forgot to replace with an actual caption

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Okay, this is an emergency and I need help. By Tuesday September 16th, I need to find a new place to board my puppy or I will not be able to keep him. His life is potentially on the line.

I potentially have a place for him to stay short term but it’s $25 a night and I can’t…

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Spring Flowers Around the World

  1. A woman carries a branch of peach blossom flowers for sale at a field in Hanoi, January 24. The peach blossom is believed to bring luck to families. (Kham/Reuters) #
  2. A boy runs amid field mustard, symbolic flowers to herald the start of spring, in full blossom at a park in Tokyo, Japan, March 19. (KIMIMASA MAYAMA/EPA) #
  3. Raindrops sit on crocus blossoms in a park in Munich, Germany, February 21. (SVEN HOPPE/EPA) #
  4. Almond tree blossoms on Ainos mountain on the island of Cephalonia, Greece, February 6. The blossom of almond trees is a sign of the arrival of spring. (ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU/EPA) #
  5. General view of several peach trees in blossom in the spot La Macetua, Murcia, eastern Spain, February 20. (MARCIAL GUILLEN/EPA) #
  6. People sit in front of blossoming crocuses in the Botanical Garden in Berlin, Germany, March 10. (Britta Pedersen/EPA) #
  7. Robins feed on staghorn sumac on a tree in North Adams, Massachusetts, March, 20. The sight of robins have often been linked to the beginning of spring. (Gillian Jones/The Berkshire Eagle via Associated Press) #
  8. Japanese plum blossoms in full bloom in the city of Isumi, Chiba prefecture, Japan, March 4. The ripening of the fruit in June coincides with the rainy season in Japan, which is called ‘plum rains.’ (Everett Kennedy Brown/EPA) #
  9. A slackline walker enjoys the sunny and warm weather in a park at the river Rhine bank in Duesseldorf, Germany, March 20. (Frank Augstein/Associated Press)#
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The media really think they slick

When you wait until the end of an article to mention that the “black dude with a sword shot by the police” was cosplaying, you’re creating a situation where you want the readers to side with the police

you want them to infer a threat….

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Cats and Tumblr

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You know who looks nice today? You do. You look beautiful, handsome, amazing! Everyone’s idea of “beauty” is different. You’re always absolutely stunning to someone. It might not even be you who thinks you look nice, but someone does. Smile, take a picture! You look AWESOME! Rock what makes you comfortable.